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VAT Registration in UAE - Major Mistakes to Avoid

VAT Registration in UAE, VAT Consultants in UAE, At Inspire Tax Consultancy, we provide Tax Advisory Services, VAT Implementation Services, VAT Return Filing, VAT Compliance Review, and TAX Consultancy Services and Tax Agent Services in all Seven Emirates.

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VAT Registration in UAE

VAT Registration in UAE can be complicated and obtaining it wrong could denote that your application is 'rejected' or you have to pay a heavy-duty fine for the wrong submission. Hitting the nail on the head could be a little matter of the dates or just a good awareness of the demand.

Required Threshold

At last, if you are a “Keep-going business” and from the last 12 months, your sales have crossed the figure of AED 375,000, then you should apply for the VAT registration in UAE. This is known as mandatory registration. And if your sales figure is below the figure of AED 375,000 but higher than AED 187,500, then you can also apply for VAT registration in UAE on your own choice. The other mandatory compulsions apply to expected sales of over AED 375k in the following 30 days. If you are unconfident about your sales that they are taxable or not, at that point please contact an expert tax consultant in UAE to ensure since a lot of services are available EVEN on the off chance that they were provided to customers outside the UAE.

Generating USER ID and Password

Initially, you have to generate a user name and ID which is a straightforward procedure and takes just 5mins. You can do that by visiting this link:

When you become registered, you need to hang tight for the confirmation email to be sent to your email address that was used during VAT Registration in UAE. 

Note: kindly remember your email ID and Password or any security inquiries as this isn't a simple issue to resolve.

Section 1 – About the candidate

Some major faults made during taking this step, are what you have to select when the trade license is a professional license? From our experience, we have had no issues with choosing Legal individual – Other and afterward entering Sole Establishment in the 'If other, kindly mention the specific section. Additionally, it is essential to choose Mandatorily v's Voluntarily. Possibly select mandatorily if your previous sales are over AED 375,000 in any case consistently select Voluntarily. Constantly select no to Tax Group except if you are enrolling your business for a Tax Group (may apply on the off chance that you have multiple organizations in the UAE).

Section 2 – Getting details of the candidate

The legal individual name should be correct and don't stress over the Arabic as you can go to the DED site here: and really search your business name and just copy and paste the Arabic wording. Trade License data ought to be accurate and the remaining part of this segment is simply a direct method.

Section 3 – Contact Details

Point to be noted that whatever contact number is entered here will get daily updates and warnings from the FTA in UAE.

Section 4 – Bank Details

Bank details are currently very important necessity to finish the FTA registration application for VAT registration in UAE and in this way on the off chance that you don't have a business ledger, at that point you can't finish the application procedure.

Section  5 – Business Relationships (Optional)

This segment has consistently been optional and accordingly we generally decide not to finish this section.

Section 6 – About the VAT Registration in UAE

This section is very important. Always choose the nearest activity as you won't generally locate the correct activity.

Turnover is your gross sales throughout the previous year – NOT a year of 2017 – yet a year till the date of application. You will cater to a proper business chart and don't hesitate to utilize our template of VAT registration in UAE.

Expect turnover in the following 30 days, always try to keep it real as much as possible.

For those of you who don't Import or Export then its straightforward NO, NO, NO, NO for all inquiries identifying with Import and Export.

Section 7 – Declaration

The declaration will expect you to enter every one of your details again and it does consistently request Proof of Authorization and in the past, we have consistently transferred the Visa Page of the Manager in this section as it adequately affirms that the individual has a Manager Visa from the organization.

On the off chance that you are working for the local organization, at that point, you truly need to get a Power of Authority letter drafted and marked by the support giving you a position to follow up for the benefit of the organization 'on all issues related with VAT registration in UAE and the FTA.

Section 8 – Review and Submit

We would suggest that you take a printout of the basic submission and survey in detail against all IDs and ensure that it is 100% right. This will spare you weeks in time if it is submitted erroneously.

Once submitted you should ensure that you generally approach the email ID utilized in the registration process as this is the place all communication will be sent also through your submitted mobile number.

The standard time is taken for the FTA in UAE to get in touch is 20 working days and they regularly return a lot of sooner. Simply expect that it can take as long as 30 days altogether for the VAT registration in UAE to finish.

Inspire Tax Consultancy – VAT Consultants in UAE

We are leading Accounting & Consulting Firm in UAE and we help all businesses helping the FTA necessities using the most innovative accounting software in the world.

If you are looking for VAT registration in UAE, contact with Inspire Tax Consultancy.

We are a reputed FTA approved tax agency (TAN#30001622) based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. INSPIRE is promoted by highly qualified, experienced, and well-known for VAT, Audit, Accounting, And Finance Management professionals. Inspire Tax Consultancy established just a year ago initially aiming to fulfill the VAT requirements but we soon started providing accounting services because of the high volume of queries. In the meantime, we were recognized by federal tax authority initially tax agency.

VAT Consultancy in the UAE

We provide VAT consultancy services with extensive experience and resources to address our client's needs of adhering to local regulations as well as being profitable.

1 - Registration With Local Tax Authorities

2 - VAT Impact Assessment

3 - VAT Implementation

4 - VAT Impact Assessment Review Report

5 - Data Verification

6 - VAT Calculation

7 - Regularity Compliance Audit

8 - Quarterly VAT Return Filling

9 - Quarterly VAT Return Submission

What we offer:

We provide Tax Advisory Services, VAT Implementation Services, VAT Return Filing, VAT Compliance Review, and TAX Consultancy Services and Tax Agent Services in all Seven Emirates –

As a tax agent our services include the following but not limited to it:

1 - VAT Registration Service | VAT Group Registration Services

2 - Preparing And Submitting VAT Returns On Behalf Of You

3 - To Maintain Relevant Records Related To Tax Transactions

4 - Liaison With FTA On Your Tax-Related Matters

5 - Represent You In Front Of FTA If Any Query Or Clarification Required

6 - Respond To The FTA On Your Behalf If Tax Audit | Tax Assessment Is Conducted

7 - Arrange Or Prepare The Documents For The FTA During The Tax Audit | Tax Assessment

8 - To Submit Request For Reconsiderations On The Decisions Made By The FTA

9 - To Proceed With De-Registration On Your Behalf If Required

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