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Process of ADNOC Vendor Registration in ABU Dhabi - Inspire

The ADNOC vendor registration is a procedure that qualifies merchants and suppliers who want to work with ADNOC and show up on their list of providers.

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Process of ADNOC Vendor Registration in ABU Dhabi

It is safe to say that you are a business that desires to work with ADNOC and hoping to enroll as an organization to appear on the ADNOC Supplier List? 

The ADNOC vendor registration is a procedure that qualifies merchants and suppliers who want to work with ADNOC and show up on their list of providers. During the process, ADNOC is specific with who they wish to work with, that’s why there are some key requirements that should be taken into the consideration before starting the process of adnoc vendor registration.  

Key Requirements

  • You will require a Mainland Abu Dhabi DED License. This might be as an LLC or Foreign Branch.
  • The Trade License should acquire the Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC) Approval.
  • The actions recorded on the License should match the services and items you wish to embrace with ADNOC. It is a smart thought in the beginning phases to check the Work/Product list gave by ADNOC as they should coordinate with your License activities.

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Do you check all the privilege boxes above for continuing with ADNOC Vendor Registration?

The upcoming step is to consider the steps for registration and vital docs needed to submit to ADNOC for their review.

Steps for ADNOC Vendor Registration

Register and actuate SAP Ariba Account number. This will provide an access to ADNOC Commercial Directory.

  1. ADNOC Registration got to by means of Ariba account number.
  2. (All organization reports and data subtleties are needed at this stage and to be submitted)
  3. ADNOC review process needs 1 week for submission. If lucky, ADNOC will at that point call to continue to the Pre-Qualification Stage.
  4. Pre-Qualification - You should give instances of 3 projects and further specialized data might be mentioned on your items or services.
  5. Acceptance - If you go through Pre-Qualification, you will at that point be noticeable on the ADNOCS Supplier list.

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Company Details Required For ADNOC Vendor Registration

Organizations that will provide the details should contain the following requirements: 

  • Company Trade License 
  • VAT Registration Details (TRN Number) 
  • Company size, number of workers, address. 
  • Financial Audit from the previous 2 x years (if relevant) 
  • ISO Certification 
  • Ministry of Labor list of all Abu Dhabi workers, including an Organization chart. 
  • Details of ownership (shareholders and UBOs) 
  • Management data and contact details

Because of strict rules, the process can be long, tedious and it isn't constantly ensured submission will be affirmed by ADNOC. Inspire Tax Consultants are glad to help with the cycle to guarantee you are meeting the prerequisites.

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How Inspire Tax Consultancy Help?

Inspire Tax Consultants is always available to help you over the procedure to set up your organization or branch effectively in Abu Dhabi to acquire Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC) Approval and to help with ADNOC Vendor Registration. On the off chance that you need help on this or some other related organization set up, rebuilding, or local partners matters in the UAE and more extensive Gulf district, do connect with us on +(971) 504884714 / +(971) 543353947 for Abu Dhabi, email us at

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