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ICV certification services in the UAE

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) presented a program called the ICV certification program (In-country value), which was in result from the first of April 2018. The prerequisite of the program is that all UAE based stock providers procure an ICV certification from the ADNOC ICV certification organization. Alongside this, the stock providers are required to get the determined ICV score showing their commitment to the past budgetary year to convey the ICV. Stock providers who are not keen on acquiring the ICV certification will have the option to participate in the group tender of ADNOC, however, their ICV score will be viewed as zero.

Why is ICV certification in UAE important?

ADNOC presented the ICV program with the goal that the local nationals can take an interest in the agreeable trade of financial exchange and in this manner can potentialize their capacities to advance development in exchange. The principal focal point of the program is to saddle the estimation of oil and gas saves with the goal that the neighborhood merchants can bolster the enhancement in the economy of the United Arab Emirates. This is a decent open door for the local merchants to grow their system and associate with the changes set for their government assistance. The ICV certification should be accomplished so as to partake in the ADNOC tender or any entity of the ADNOC group.

ICV Certification Process in the UAE

1 – Before applying for ICV certification, the firm must contact and get citations from the Certifying Bodies, the subtleties that you can easily found on our website.

2 - The firm should then choose and grant one of the Certifying Bodies from the citations got, Made by marking an Engagement Letter.

3 - The Certifying Body will at that point assess the firm dependent on the data submitted utilizing the ICV Certification Template, and issue the last ICV certificate for the firm.

The ICV Certification in UAE

The validity of Unified ICV certification

The validity of ICV certification endorsement is up to a time of 14 months, material from the date of issue of the examined or audited financial statements. The certification can be recertified if the proprietor of the organization wishes to do as such, yet the period validity that is 14 months will continue as before.

How ICV certificates in UAE are issued?

Information with respect to the conduct of the organization for the past financial year is to be put together by the providers under the ADNOC's ICV program. To guarantee that the data presented by the providers are valid and real, a board of self-reliant certification bodies, built up by ADNOC is delegated. PwC is one such body selected by the ADNOC as self-reliant certifiers to confirm the data put together by the providers for the figuring of their ICV score.

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Calculation of ICV Scores

The ICV scores are computed by a pre-characterized approach set by the ADNOC. Services offered by the firm or economic value adds that are in the United Arab Emirates are surveyed so as to ascertain the ICV scores. Regions like exports, goods manufacturing, offering services, investments are mulled over to compute the ICV score.

The core behind the ICV certification in UAE

The point is to elevate the wills and enthusiasm of the local nationals to contribute their bit in the upliftment in the economic situation in the Emirates. The worth acquired for oils and gas storage is utilized in the improvement of the local nationals and in this manner for the restriction of the abilities for some basic supplies in the moderate or principle capacities in the key business. As this activity is engaged at getting an ideal incentive from oil and gas saves the commitment of the local chain supplies will without a doubt help in the accomplishment of the necessary objective which is focused on the support of the private division services and exchange.

IFRS based Audited financial statements

The financial summaries which have been examined must adjust to the most recent International financial reporting standards (IFRS). For ICV certification, these type of statements must not be more seasoned than two years. For instance, to apply for an ICV certification in 2020, audited statements should be for 2018 or later.

ICV Certification in UAE for Group of Companies

There are firms with a few branches in a similar city or state playing out a similar action. The licenses to the branches are allocated to pronounce them free business entities. To conquer this uncertainty, just one and only one ICV certificate is assigned to a firm in that specific Emirate.

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Management Accounts for Newly Established Companies

For new or recently established firms or firms that are under ten months old and don't have the examined financial summaries or financial statements, are provided with management accounts for this situation for a time of as long as 9 months for ICV certification. Some management accounts that are more preceding than nine months need to get audit compulsory.

General Information for Stock Providers or Suppliers

The program of ICV certification obliges all stock providers in the United Arab Emirates. Stock made in the UAE, Export of products and ventures from the UAE, Third-Party spends (Procurement of merchandise and sub-contractual workers), Local investment, and Emiratization of the nearby workforce is inspected to survey, the abilities of the business of the providers.

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